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We’re training pro-choice Democratic women to run for office – and win.

EMILY’s List is bringing our decades of experience online to help you run a winning campaign.

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“EMILY's List is nothing more than the profound and fundamental belief
that women change the world.”

- Stacey Abrams Former Georgia house minority leader and candidate for governor (GA)

“I would not be here as a United States senator if it it had not been for EMILY.”

- Barbara Mikulski Former U.S. Senator (MD)

“It is hard to put yourself out there. It's always something, you don't know quite how it works. Even if you've helped out on campaigns, it's not the same as being out there on the tip. Knowing you're not alone...that to me is what EMILY’s List is about. You know you're not alone.”

- Elizabeth Warren U.S. Senator (MA)
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Get the benefit of decades of collected experience running and winning. If you’re a pro-choice Democratic woman, EMILY’s List wants to help you win.

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The Training Center is brought to you in partnership with: AFT, AFSCME, ActBlue, NEA, SEIU, and UFCW

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