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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Q What can I expect to learn?

    A In the Training Center, you can expect to learn the important details about running for office from the moment you first think about running all the way to Election Day. We’ll cover topics like fundraising, communications, digital strategy, press and media relations, direct voter contact, and overall campaign management.

  • Q Can my campaign pay for this?

    A Yes, just please indicate that your campaign is paying for the account when you sign up.

  • Q Will you be adding more content to the Training Center?

    A Yes! Though the majority of the content is posted now and available for review in the full version of the site, we will be periodically adding content and features and will make sure to notify users when new content has been added.

  • Q What is EMILY’s List?

    A EMILY’s List, the nation’s largest resource for women in politics, has raised over $500 million to support pro-choice Democratic women candidates – making them one of the most successful political organizations ever. Our grassroots community of over five million members helps Democratic women wage competitive campaigns – and win. We recruit and train candidates, support strong campaigns, research the issues that impact women and families, and turn out women voters. Since our founding in 1985, we have helped elect 116 women to the House, 23 to the Senate, 12 governors, and over 800 to state and local office. Forty percent of the candidates EMILY’s List has helped elect to Congress have been women of color. Since the 2016 election, tens of thousands of women and counting have reached out to us about running for office. To harness this energy, EMILY’s List has launched Run to Win, an unprecedented effort to get more women to run at the local, state, and national levels.

  • Q How do I get endorsed by EMILY’s List?

    A EMILY’s List endorses pro-choice Democratic women running for office primarily at the state legislative level and above. All of our endorsed candidates go through a thorough vetting process. We do not endorse in all races. If you are interested in an EMILY’s List endorsement, the first step is to sign up for Run to Win: https://secure.emilyslist.org/Join-Run-to-Win

  • Q Why do I have to pay for the full version?

    A The monthly fee of $9 covers the value of your access to the Training Center and the information you will receive. It will be considered a contribution to EMILY’s List. Please see our terms of service if you have any questions about our policies.

  • Q What is this site?

    A The EMILY’s List Training Center is website designed to teach candidates how to run for office and WIN. EMILY’s List supports pro-choice Democratic women and has been training candidates to run for office – and win – offline since 1985 and now we’re bringing our decades of campaign experience online.

  • Q Who should use this?

    A The Training Center is designed for pro-choice Democratic women, but the basic version of the site is publicly available. Though much of the site is geared toward first-time runners, any woman running for office will find the tools and resources in the Training Center valuable.

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